There are a lot of mail order cannabis options these days, and deciding where to spend your money can be hard. I’m not sure if I’m here to help with that, but we will be posting reviews of the packages we get from the many companies on

Today we got a pack in from I wasn’t sure what to expect, it’s one of the places I had never heard of and they reached out directly after listing their coupon.

They sent along four of their current strains. I was pleasantly surprised. Let’s take a look; but first our standard disclaimer: Standard Review Disclaimer: Anyone who tells you that they are totally impartial when reviewing weed they didn’t pay for is a bold face liar. If it’s free, its already different from paid weed. All of that said, I work on this site daily, I get enough free weed from different sources to say that it doesn’t matter if it’s free, if it’s shitty, I’ll tell you, and move on to the next free weed. I did not pay for this weed, it was sent to me in exchange for this review and a listing in the slider on the home page.

Secondly, don’t make purchase decisions based on my opinion, or how good the coupon is. Make an informed decision, do your research. I’m no expert, I just want to get the best cannabis deals into as many hands as possible.

Ok with that out of the way, lets dig in.

Overall rating: Will order again.

Sign up process, website and ordering: I did not sign up, they reached out. It looks fairly easy. The site could use an update to be honest. It works and I can find what I need but the stylesheet is a bit dated (just like this one, we’re working on it!) and reminded me of the earlier moms from a couple of years ago. This will be one of my only complaints in this review and I struggled to find an issue.

Overall Pricing: Seems like their ounces average around $140, which is pretty standard for a non deals/bulk based store.

Customer Service: I had no issues so it didn’t really get tested, but they’re a warm happy bunch who answer emails super quickly.

The order itself:  They provided tracking and the package shipped quickly from B.C. to Ontario.   I was worried with the looming strike but no issues at all.   I picked it up at my flex delivery, not actually knowing what I was getting at all.

Woo hoo, look at this, I figured maybe a few gram samplers, but damn did they come through.  A quarter each of their top 4 strains.  Thanks guys!  I like the packaging.  The whole thing came double vacuum sealed in a standard mailer then each strain in a nice black vacuum bag, with the printed labels you see below.

Let’s see what all this great weed looks like.   Starting with the Orange Cookies.  Holy shit man.  I’m a big fan of the cookies strains in general.  It smells like a tangerine, Mr. Clean and super dank weed.  And it’s oh so pretty.   A true hybrid, the sativa effects came out bright and clear and I got a ton of shit done while feeling super euphoric and relaxed.

Tuna Kush is a classic bushy and dense inidca with a heavy nose and heavy stone.   You know its a kush as soon as you open the bag and it put me right to sleep.  I don’t have much more to say about that

Next up is the Platinum Purple Kush, another great example of a classic Kush.   Bushy and sweet smelling, the classic purple and the classic kush nose.  Great cure and trim (really on all of them).  Haven’t smoked it yet, but it looks great.

Finally we have the Rockstar X Wifi OG.  Awesome looking hybrid, absolutely caked.  See for yourself.

All in all, I have to say shock and awe were at play here.  I expected yet another budget MoM and what I got was some seriously dank weed.  Thanks so much guys, will definitely order from you in the future.  Super impressed.